Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Check Out The Holiday Lights At Sun Park, Donate, And Sign Up To Volunteer With Maintenance

The Sun Park Team, which oversee the maintenance of Sun Park, located at the corner of NE 47th Street and 47th Avenue NE, have installed lights on several trees at the park.

Originally there was a large 1920's Bungalow style house on the corner property. A developer divided the lot in three parcels and two houses were built on the subdivided lots. The Sun Park folks, along with many in the community, attended a meeting along with City representatives, to save the third parcel from being developed and then created a pocket park.

The plot of land was purchased in March 2007 by a group of Laurelhurst neighbors and friends, through donations to the Cascade Land Conservancy, in order to preserve the small open space from development. 

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Sun Park at night
Here is the latest from the Sun Park Team:
Have you noticed the beautiful holiday lights on the Sun Park trees?  They were put up by volunteers last week.
Perhaps you have wondered who conquers Sun Park's weeds, sweeps the curbs, prunes the happily growing native shrubs, pays the water bills and taxes, manages the expenses, and makes design improvements?  It is an all volunteer neighborhood effort. 
If you enjoy this green corner, which would have been a third big house, please consider writing a check for any amount, small or large, to Forterra*, c/o Leslie Wright, 4721 ~ 47th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105.   
Forterra* was formerly the Cascade Land Conservancy and is the Sun Park organization for 501.c.3 tax deductible donations. 
New maintenance volunteers are always welcome.  It's fun with a group and we meet at 10 AM  the Second Saturday of each month.  If interested, contact: 
Happy Holidays! 
The Sun Park Team

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