Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire This Morning At Home In 4300 Block Of NE 45th Street

Pictures taken shortly after 6am looking west on NE 45th Street:

Pictures taken shortly looking west on NE 45th Street after 7am:

 General area here fire occurred

An early morning fire in the upstairs of a home on the 4300 block of NE 45th Street caused "minimal damage" as one firefighter told an onlooker. A person on their way to work commented that the information on the scanner "didn't look really bad."
Shortly after 6am this morning, six fire engines came racing up NE 45th Street along with several other support fire vehicles. A chainsaw was heard cutting a whole in the 2nd floor roof and glass was broken in an upstairs window for more ventilation.
The family next door was seen with their small children going to another immediate neighbor's house during all the activity. Their house was not known to be damaged.

NE 45th Street at 45th Avenue NE was closed as well as 45th Avenue NE at NE 45th Street.  Cars were seen backing up on NE 45th Street after they had seen the cones blocking access to the area, then the vehicles were seen then turning northbound on 46th and 47th Avenues NE.

About 7am "Fire Support Vehicles," a City vehicle, as well as some new fire vehicles, started arriving and talking to the home owners who were standing out in front, most likely to start the investigation of the fire. There were no injuries.

As of this time, several fire engines are starting to leave but the streets have not been re-opened.
The Seattle Fire Department tweeted at 6:26am:
Firefighters at working fire 4300 Blk of NE 45th St. All occupants out of 2 story residence.
Another tweet was sent out at 6:43am - most likely referring to the same location, however another street was tweeted:
Small fire on 2nd floor "tapped". Fire investigators called to location. 4300 blk of NE 43rd st.

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