Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Large Boulder Blocking Sidewalk For Last Few Months


We have received several emails about a large boulder that has been blocking the sidewalk in the 4100 block of 55th Avenue NE.

The boulder rolled down from the nearby property and was never put back in place, a resident told us. Someone put cones around it and it has been left like that for some time, causing a safety hazard for those who are not able to use that portion of the sidewalk and have to walk into the street.

One email said:
We don't understand why one of the large boulders from the rockery at the residence remains on the sidewalk almost fourth months after rolling there. Why hasn't the rock been removed and put back in place?
Another email said:
We are concerned about the boulder on the sidewalk and other boulders that could also possibly roll down from the rockery at the residence on 55th Avenue NE.  
They don't seem very secure and could injure pedestrians who rock near there.  
Also having the sidewalk blocked by the boulder causes a safety hazard as pedestrians have to walk into the street.  
When will it be removed? And why is it taking so long?
SDOT's website says regarding a property owner’s responsibility for streets and sidewalks:
Streets and sidewalks are for everyone's use. They add value to private property by providing access to the property and a way to get to other places in the city. 
Owners are responsible for maintaining part of the public right-of-way next to their property, including the sidewalk and planting strip. 

A Laurelhurst Community Club Board member said to use the DPD form and list code violation as the problem and  DPD will forward it onto SDOT as SDOT doesn't have their own form.  The phone number is 206-615-0808.


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