Monday, June 23, 2014

Neighbors Receive Community Awards At LCC Annual Meeting Last Week

Kristin Luttinen, recipient of a community award the Waterway No. 1 basketball court project, and
Colleen McAleer, LCC VP
Susan Holliday, recipient of a community award for Saving Union Bay Association (SUBA)
and Colleen McAleer
The Laurelhurst Community Club handed out several neighbor awards at their Annual Meeting on June 9th, to Claudine Lawlor, Kristin Luttinen and Susan Holliday.

Colleen McAlleer, LCC Vice President told us about the recipients:

Claudine and Kristin are two special neighbors who investigated and resolved the problem with the 70 year old basketball hoop located on Waterway #1. It had deteriorated with deep holes and an uneven surface so badly that it was unusable and a safety hazard.
Claudine and Kristin in conjunction with assistance from the LCC, and State Representative Gerry Pollet, navigated the jurisdictions to accomplish the restoration of the basketball court for the past 2 years.  
They raised over $12,000 from individuals and other supporters, selected and supervised the appropriate contractor, and literally jumped through hoops of red tape from the State and  City agencies to devise a way that it could be done without the state charging LCC an annual "rental fee" on the property to the state.  
An agreement between the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department and the State and LCC and the tenacious work of this involved duo will leave a lasting legacy for families who enjoy the outdoor workout of "shooting hoops", right here in Laurelhurst. 
Susan Holliday has worked for over seven years on the clean up of non-native, in-water weeds that were destroying the water quality in Union Bay, soon making it stagnant and unusable.  
As President of SUBA (Save Union Bay Association) and with her committee (Steve Sulzbacher, David Dunning and Colleen McAleer) ,she worked tirelessly with the State Department of Natural Resources and the University of Washington to execute a 10 year plan to restore cleaner water quality in the bay which is used for swimming, kayaking, crew racing, stand-up paddling, fishing, etc.
Not only has Union Bay now been mapped for noxious weeds, but she also obtained DNR state grant money, collected waterfront home owner private funds, and obtained University of Washington recreation funds, to hire the professional applicators of safe treatments that kill the invasive milfoil, and other noxious weeds over these past 3 years. The results are astounding, and cleaner water has made for a better habitat for fish and fowl as well as improved in-water recreation use by neighbors. 
Susan continues to work on the long range plan to improve the quality Union Bay.

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