Thursday, May 15, 2014

List Of Neighborhood Damaged Street Signs Turned Into SDOT For Repair

New Stop sign at bottom of "Suicide Hill"

Neighbors have been diligently reporting damaged, faded, knocked down signs and that need cleaning to Robin, with the Laurelhurst Community Club, since we posted about this easy way to reports City street signs in need of work.

Robin offered to take reports for residents and them send them on to the City himself,  saving residents the time of finding and filling out the forms
Robin sent us a list of what has been reported to him that he has turned in to SDOT as work orders which take about 6-8 weeks:
  • NE 41st Street - 15mph sign doesn't blink
  • NE 43rd Street - Stop sign at bottom facing south needs to be replaced
Order in process:
  • 43rd Avenue NE and NE 42nd and 43rd Street on east side - dead end signs vandalized and are broken and missing.
  • NE 42nd and NE 43rd Streets - dead end signs are missing
  • 3600 block of NE 43rd Street - signs have graffiti on north side
  • Surber and NE 38th Street - worn and hard to read signs
  • 47th Avenue NE and NE 47th Street - Stop sign fastener missing (hit by semi truck)
  • NE 45th Street and 49th Avenue NE - speed bump sign laying down on ground
  • NE 41st Street and 42nd Avenue NE - Stop sign faded, hard to read
  • NE 38th Street and 41st, 42nd and 43rd Avenues NE - Street sign faded, hard to read
  • 48th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street - Street sign faded, hard to read
  • NE 44th Street and 50th and 51st Avenues NE - Street sign faded, hard to read

One neighbor wrote about dirty signs:
The Seattle Fire Department would appreciate neighbors going out and cleaning off street signs, so when someone calls 911 they can find them.  
I took a broom and a bucket of soapy water, and scrubbed our filthy street sign.  It worked fine.  Cleaning signs would be such a simple thing for the neighbors who live on the streets where the signs are in need of cleaning. A broom, some soapy water in a bucket.

If you see additional signs that need repair email Robin at  Include the type of sign, problem and exact location.

You can also report issues to SDOT directly by calling 684-ROAD, using the mobile app or submitting a request via the online system, which includes forms for requests for signs that need maintenance, replacement, are damaged or need removal of graffiti, among many issues.

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