Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy Way To Report Damaged City Signs In The Neighborhood

stop sign, at the intersection of NE 41st and 42nd Ave. NE,  

Blog readers are always sending in reports of City street signs down, damaged or aging. Figuring out how to report these to the City is often difficult navigating through the City's websites.

Laurelhurst Community Club is now offering to take reports for residents and will them send them on to the City themselves, saving residents the time of finding and filling out the forms.

To report a street sign that is down, faded, damaged, not legible or needs replacing or that has graffiti, send email to Robin, who works on road safety with the Laurelhurst Community Club at,. Include the type of sign, problem and exact location.
You can also report issues to SDOT directly by calling 684-ROAD, using the mobile app or submitting a request via the online system, which includes forms for requests for signs that need maintenance, replacement, are damaged or need removal of graffiti, among many issues.
Jim Curtin , SDOT Traffic Safety Coordinator, said that SDOT and SPU (Seattle Public Utilities) take care of graffiti depending on the location. Jim said "Our crews are pros at cleaning up signs and they will replace the signs entirely if the sign is worn."

Recent reports of damaged signs include:
  • Stop sign at NE 47th Street and 47th Avenue NE from being hit by a semi full of cars
  • A downed speed bump sign on 49th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street
  • Stop Sign that has lost it reflective capability on NE 41st Street and 42nd Avenue NE
  • Stop sign that needs replacing on the east side of 42nd Ave NE just south of NE 41st Street
  • damaged curb stones at the top of "Suicide Hill"- south/west corner of NE 41st Street and 43rd Avenue NE)

A neighbor who lives near the Boulevard wrote about the Stop sign on NE 41st Street and 42nd Avenue NE that "drivers at night can barely see the stop as the sign is no longer reflective at night. And it is especially bad for those who aren't aware that there is a stop there at the bottom of "Suicide Hill". Add rain to the equation and it could spell disaster!"

Another resident in that area wrote "drive north along 43rd Avenue NE from NE 41st Street to NE 45th Street and you can hardly read any of those street signs they are so faded."
Jim told us that SDOT maintains and "extensive asset management systems and track the condition of just about everything on our streets from the pavement to signs to sidewalks. Records are updated consistently."

Robin told us that "here are an awful lot of street signs out there that need replacing so please let me know as soon as you see one so that I can notify SDOT to have it taken care of."


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