Thursday, May 29, 2014

Attempted House Burglary On Tuesday

We received this email:

On Tuesday, May 27th, around 11pm, someone attempted to break into our house on 48th Avenue NE between NE 50th Street and NE 54th Street while we were home and asleep.   
We were awakened by a noise in the guest bedroom at the back of the house.  We got up to investigate and saw several flashes of light coming from the back deck and the always locked bedroom window was standing wide open.  
A dresser that had been directly in front of the window had been pushed out into the room about 2 feet. The window had been pried open.  
Thankfully the burglar never actually came into the house probably because he heard our voices.  It appears that the burglar had walked down the long driveway on the side of our house, unscrewed the garage light that is always left on, moved the trash can that was in front of the gate, and then climbed over the 5 foot locked gate. 
We called the police who came and took a look around outside but didn't find anything except smudges on the window frame which they said indicated the burglar was wearing gloves.

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