Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Long-Time Laurelhurst Resident And Beach Club Board Member Dies

Kathy Gehrt's, a long time Laurelhurst resident of 51st Avenue NE, recently died from complications related to a brain tumor.

Her daughter, Jennifer, told us that she was active in the neighborhood, serving on the Laurelhurst Beach Club Board in the last seven years and Villa Academy Board in the 1980's. 
Kathy told us that her mother and father, John, moved to the neighborhood in 1979 , where they lived in for 35 years.

Kathy said that her mom "was a spirited person swimming at Laurelhurst Beach Club last July while battling her brain tumor. 

She added:
She and John also kept a sail boat at the Beach club and enjoyed sailing. Their boat was probably one of the few that ever sank. One Father’s day weekend in the early 90s she, John and another neighbor were on the boat when it began taking on water and rolled to its side.  
Fortunately for them, they were just a few hundred yards from the shore and someone saw them in trouble. They were rescued by another Laurelhurst neighbor.  She loved walking in the neighborhood and near the Center for Urban Horticulture.

The Laurelhurst Community said "This is very sad news. Kathy was a wonderful neighbor and committed to the community."

Seattle Times posted her obituary last Sunday as well as the University of Washington wrote an article.


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