Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Important SR520 West Approach Bridge North Rebuilding Meeting Thursday For All Affected Neighborhoods

This diagram shows the net change in traffic patterns (in vehicles-per-hour) expected from the WABN plan (courtesy of TheMontlaker.com)

Thursday night at 6:30pm, the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is holding an informational meeting on the rebuilding of SR520 West Approach Bridge North (WABN) scheduled for this summer, which will be held at the Queen City Yacht Club (2608 Boyer Ave East).

Colleen McAleer, a Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) Board member, told us that "this projects affects everyone in the neighborhood for the next 4 years with construction and access to SR520 and through to I-5. Many folks have questions and comments that can be addressed at the meeting."

Colleen sent this information::
Invitation to all Laurelhurst neighbors! Please attend to show your interest, and get your questions answered about this "partial " bridge and its impacts.
The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) has been active in the Replacement of the SR520 Bridge and working with adjacent neighborhoods who share their concerns.

The Montlaker Blog published this post last year: Good and bad in the new West Approach Bridge North and covered the WABN basics:
• a new 3-lane elevated viaduct across Union Bay westbound 
• relocation of the Lake Wash Blvd exit ramp to 24th Ave E (the ex-MOHAI ramp) 
• a 14′ wide regional trail across the new floating bridge

The two year plan will entail several mitigation projects, including a new Arboretum multi-use trail, wetland mitigation at the WSDOT Peninsula and Bryant Park — a restored shoreline at the foot of Brooklyn Avenue next to UW.
However, the WABN plan is pretty thin when it comes to mitigating local mobility impacts. Two areas that will receive a bit of attention are Montlake Blvd over 520 and the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd and 24th Ave E, which will be the new location of the existing Arboretum exit ramp.

The improvements to Montlake Blvd reportedly will include new curb ramps and a rebuilt southbound transit island.
At a January meeting with community representatives, WSDOT officials stated that metal railings separating pedestrian areas from traffic lanes would also be included. The basic lane configuration will remain mostly as is, except for the westbound Montlake Blvd exit ramp which will have two lanes terminating at a new signalized traffic light and the eastbound Montlake Blvd exit ramp will terminate with an extra left turn only lane. The northbound transit stop and bicycle lockers relocated.

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