Monday, March 31, 2014

More Neighbors Urge Dog Owners To Keep Dogs Leashed And Pick Up Waste

Following our post last week about off-leash dogs as well as dog owners not picking up their dog's waste we received the following comments:
We are so annoyed with dog poop on our parking strip.  Please keep your dogs on leash and clean up their mess!
Bravo! I totally agree. Many dogs have frightened my four year old. I am also fed up with hearing about how friendly the dog is. Please keep your dog on its leash.   
Off leash dogs are a real problem in Laurelhurst Park and on the neighborhood streets. Some people seem to think they are above the law. It is disgusting how they allow their pets to crap in the park and on the street or wherever and just leave it. The poor little child who was approached by a large dog. That fear may be with him for his entire life.  The dog may be harmless but all dogs can be aggressive, especially where food is concerned.   
I’ve heard dog owners say “Wow, he’s never done that before”.....Surprise! Many time I’ve noticed a woman with a dog off leash walking by our house, dog running back and forth into the neighbors’ well tended planting beds. The dog owner (the law breaker)  had the leash around her neck. Couldn’t resist: I said “I think the leash is supposed to be around the dog”. She was so offended but doesn’t seem to understand that the leash is for the safety of the dog. Then there are the people who say “Dogs should be free”. I reply with “then why do you own one”? Enough said. 
I want to encourage people to take their dogs to Magnuson Dog Park. It is less than a ten minute drive away and is one of the best dog parks-- if not the best dog park--in the state. We are so fortunate to live so close to this off leash area, and it is a great place to take your dog for exercise.  
I agree, it is not safe to have your dog off leash at Laurelhurst Playfield/Park. If some dogs are leashed (as they should be) and others are not, this can sometimes be a volatile mix for the poor dogs.  
If people have dogs that do not walk well on a leash, I encourage them to think about taking their dogs to classes at Seattle Humane Society--it is right across the 520, just a 20 minute drive from Laurelhurst and the classes are GREAT! You are also supporting the Humane Society when you take a class there. 
Thanks for the reminder of picking-up dog waste.....however if a neighbors garbage can is quite close, what's wrong with throwing the waste bag into a close garbage can????  I do not have a dog and I would not be upset if a neighbor used my garbage can, better than throwing it into someones garden!!!!    

Laurelhurst Blog response:We understand that is against City Code to put your garbage in someone else's trash can for various reasons - it is not their garbage, you are trespassing on their property, and you are not paying them to take away the garbage you put in there, (also known as "theft of service") and also it does not seem neighborly, especially if the person whose garbage can you are using does not have a dog. It is best to throw away your dog's feces in your own garbage. Or if a neighbor uses your garbage for their dog feces, then perhaps you have ok'd that, but it is not ok to assume that everyone is ok with that.

Here are some pertinent City codes:

And here again is list of City Municipal Codes and corresponding violations for not picking up dog waste with fine amounts imposed by the City of Seattle:

Offenses Related to Safety and Sanitation
$109 Allowing accumulation of feces SMC 9.25.082 (A)
$54 Not removing feces from another’s property SMC 9.25.082 (B)
$54 Not having equipment to remove feces  SMC 9.25.082 (C)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response on dog-owners leaving feces in neighbors' trash cans. I would never dream of throwing a kid's soiled diaper in someone else's garbage can, and am stunned whenever a dog owner thinks it's okay to leave their yucky trash in mine.