Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Potential Noise From Parking Lot Work At Hospital This Week

Area of work under construction next 2 weeks

Work has started and will continue next week in and around the Forest parking lot, located outside the new emergency department entrance off of 40th Avenue NE.

The contractor will be creating pedestrian walkways as well as re-routing water and power near the parking lot.

Richard, Construction Manager on the project, told us that the only impact will be tomorrow and Thursday, starting around 9am, when there will be some noise created during the demolition process to cut and remove a portion of the existing concrete and asphalt to make some changes. 

"The noise will be intermittent, and should not last a long period of time" Richard said.

He added that there should not be much impact to pedestrians as no sidewalks will be blocked, but the concrete path to the sidewalk along side 44th Avenue NE will be connected. 

Work should be completed around February 26th, weather dependent, with concrete expected to be poured on February 24th. 

Richard told us that this work is an extension of the Burke Gilman trail work, and he said they are trying to complete this work around the same time work is being compled on the trail across Sand Point Way.

Richard added "We felt it best to notify our neighbors of this construction so they understood what was causing the noise  which we don't expect to be disrupting."

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