Monday, January 13, 2014

Talaris Update On Agenda For Tonight's Laurelhurst Community Club Board Meeting

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) is holding its monthy Board meeting tonight at 7pm at the Laurelhurst Community Center in the Fireside Room.

There will be an update on the proposed Talaris development.

Here is what LCC sent us about what has been going on:

On November 6, the Landmarks Board designated this 18-acre Battelle/Talaris site and buildings as historic. Despite this designation, the property owner has decided to pursue a single family development. 
On November 25, the property owner filed a LUPA (Land Use Petition Act) appeal in Superior Court seeking to invalidate the historic designation. 

On December 13, the Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) filed a motion to intervene in this action due to its long history of involvement in the site and binding settlement agreements that run with the land. 
On January 7, Judge Mariane Spearman granted LCC motion to intervene. This means that LCC will have a place at the table in the lawsuit and that the court has recognized that LCC has a legally cognizable interest in the fate of the property. 

In the meantime, almost 400 people signed a petition requesting a public hearing on the single family proposal which would replace the pristine site with over 80 single family homes. DPD has not yet responded.

Talaris is currently working with Landmarks Preservation Board on "controls and incentives".

Here is the agenda:


· Calls/Concerns from Neighbors
· Changes to the Agenda
· Announcements

· Crime in the neighborhood
· Representative Pollet’s Proposal for Notice on Backyard and Sideyard Houses in SF zones

· SR 520 update

· Talaris Update

· Executive Session

· Adjourn

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