Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blocking Sidewalks Can Result In Ticket

We have received emails from neighbors about vehicles frequently partially block sidewalks.   The Seattle Police Department and the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees also recently have fielded numerous similar complaints.

It is a $47 fine if a ticket is placed on a car that causes blockage on sidewalks inhibiting pedestrians crossing that area.

Doing so reduces the visibility of cars and pedestrians and poses a safety hazard for everyone in the area. Additionally, the weight of the vehicles on sidewalks causes damages over time.

The Seattle code requires property owners keep adjacent sidewalks, roads, and alleys clear of any obstructions.

This includes:
  • raking leaves in the Fall
  • repairing damaged sidewalks
  • cutting shrubs and hedges back with a minimum eight-foot clearance above sidewalks and 14 feet above roads and alleys
  • vegetation that obscures an intersection at a distance of 30 feet must be trimmed

For more information go here.

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