Friday, November 15, 2013

Talaris Violates Landmark Ordinance Yesterday By Cutting Down Trees Without City Approval

Yesterday morning around 9:30am, Laurelhurst Blog readers reported that P’nB’ Tree service was cutting down trees in the buffer zone behind homes on 42nd Avenue NE and the eastern most side of the Talaris property.

Talaris was designated as a historic landmark  on November 6th and is subject to protection by City Ordinance, as stated on the City's Landmark and Designation website.

Erin Doherty, Landmarks Preservation Board Coordinator with the City's Department of Neighborhoods(DON) told us that she also received a phone call yesterday morning from a concerned citizen reporting that trees were being cut down on the Battelle / Talaris site.

She added:

This work did not received approval from the Landmarks Board or staff. I contacted DPD (Department of Planning and Development) to notify them that this is a violation of the Landmarks Ordinance. They visited the site shortly thereafter to confirm the observations and issued a stop work order.

Erin said that on September 20th, after the Battelle / Talaris property was nominated, the Landmarks Preservation Board, "issued a report that informed the property owner that they were required to have approval from the Landmarks Board before making alterations or significant changes to specified features proposed for preservation'. The areas of control for this property include the site and the exteriors of the building."
She said:

If something appears to be general maintenance and the buildings or landscape are not being altered, then it should not be a concern. The notification regarding the tree removal was certainly an important issue and we are grateful that it was brought to our attention.

Erin Doherty, Landmarks Preservation Board Coordinator, can be reached by phone at 206.684-0380 or by email at

A resident commented yesterday that "it is unfortunate the way Talaris has been acting towards our neighborhood. Fences, signs and cameras, don't build good community relationships."


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