Monday, September 9, 2013

Black Prius Recently Involved Again In Stolen Package Activity

A Blog reader reported last week that he saw a black Prius idling in the middle of his street waiting for the person who had just stolen packages off his porch.

Another neighbor reported seeing the same black Prius a day after the this incident, also waiting in the street as a Hispanic woman ran to the car after taking packages from someone's house:
His email says:
On Wednesday, September 4 about 4:30pm, the UPS truck dropped off three important, hig value, packages at our neighbor's house on NE 42nd Street. The neighbor was working in the front yard but in and our of the open front door. She did not see the packages but knew they were dropped off.
Another neighbor up the street saw a Hispanic woman carrying 3 packages from the house. The Hispanic woman jumped into a black Prius and sped off. This witness neighbor did not realize what was going on until the car was gone.
It has been verified that the 'package robbers' will very quickly attempt to obtain cash for the stolen property by returning it to a retail store if one is nearby.  These are serious, professional robbers.  They  are not random. They seem to know when good value packages are being delivered and where the drivers will be.  Assume anything unusual is criminal activity and call the Police with license plate numbers and specific descriptions of people involved.


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