Friday, July 19, 2013

Neighbor Urges Drivers To Use Caution Near Pedestrians And Cyclists

We received this email Monday:

I would like to post a reminder for drivers to be aware of pedestrians/runners in our neighborhood.
This morning I was on my way back home from a run at 7:15am and was nearly hit by a driver in a black sedan.

I was heading southbound on 48th Avenue NE on the corner of NE 41st St. There was a car stopped at the stop sign in the northbound direction of 48th Avenue NE, intersection of NE 41st Street across from Laurelhurst park.
I stopped and thought that the driver acknowledged me since his head was raised and he was at a full stop for a few seconds at the stop sign. I started to run across NE 41st Street and the driver of the black sedan turned left and stopped a few inches from hitting me. He then continued up the hill westbound on NE 41st Street and I chased after him.

To his credit,  he did stop and pull over and apologize, saying that he was distracted, and that he did not see me. I do not know if he would have stopped his car if I hadn’t chased after him, yelling at him to stop.

Just a reminder to all drivers that any time of day – including the morning hours, to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists in our neighborhood.


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