Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Cars Stolen On NE 42nd Street Tuesday Night

A neighbor reported two cars stolen, one has been recovered. He writes:
Please let the neighbors in Laurelhurst know that Tuesday night, June 25th, between  midnight and 7am,  two cars were stolen from a home on NE 42nd Street.  The cross street is 53rd one block up from NE 55th Street where 42nd Avenue NE dead ends. The victims were at home sleeping when the cars were stolen.  
One of the cars has been found since it had a locator on it. The police were able to track its location immediately. This seems like a great device since like an iPhone the location is instantaneous. 

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John Vidale said...

Must be 55th Ave and 42nd St in 2nd sentence describing location.

"55th St and 42 Ave" doesn't make sense.