Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Car Break-In On 52nd Avenue NE

A Blog reader reported another car break-in on the 4400 block of 52nd Avenue NE. She writes:

I had my car parked in front of our house on Tuesday night, June 18th. Around 4am, someone broke out a window, didn't take anything  and then ran off.   It was getting light.  Neighbors heard the car alarm and footsteps running.  I found a broken tire pressure gage they used to break the glass, a long blue string and a cigarette butt.
My car was a brand new 2014 BMW SUV and the temp plate was on the back window.  Police took my info but did not do anything else. I reported it to the police so maybe there will be a little more police monitoring.  Thanks for letting others know.

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