Thursday, June 13, 2013

Longtime Laurelhurst Resident And Vietnam Veteran Chosen To Have Home Restored Today Compliments Of Rebuilding Together

Antonio and his son, Monte, in green shirts
 along with Home Depot volunteers in front of his home

A 40 year Laurelhurst resident and Vietnam Veteran, Antonio, and his family are having their home restored today compliments of Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization that provides free home repairs to low income homeowners.

Rebuilding Together is partnering with their sponsor, The Home Depot Foundation, and about 59 volunteers  to make critical repairs to the home - installing a new fence, cleaning and repairing siding, removing trash, remodeling the kitchen with new flooring, appliances, and cabinets, installing new living room flooring, and rebuilding the deck, at the home located in the 4700 block of 49th Avenue NE.  

Margie, with Rebuilding Together, told us that Antonio is a veteran of the Vietnam war, who was wounded in combat, and has devoted his life to serving other veterans in need in the Seattle area. He is originally from Mexico, and moved to Texas when he was seven years old, then finally to Seattle.

Antonio, can be often spotted walking up NE 45th Street in the early evenings,  after finishing his job as  Veterans Coordinator at Seattle Central Community College helping other vets find safe housing and getting an education. He walks an hour and 45 minutes every day home his job, enjoying the exercise and being outside, he told our staff

Antonio submitted his application to Rebuilding Together, never thinking he would be chosen, and was ecstatic when he was notified he was chosen for one of the two restoration projects happening over the last two days.  He said proudly that his picture is currently hanging in some Home Depot stores showing he was one of the accepted candidates.

Frequently seen at Burgermaster, Antonio also volunteers in helping immigrants in translating their immigration forms and other important documents they bring him, meeting them at that location.

Antonio is still a busy man, even after raising six children in the small 4 bedroom house, all of whom attended Laurelhurst Elementary School, with his current variety of volunteer positions.  And he also has eleven grandchildren.

Antontio said that  money is tight, and house repairs are expensive so he was so happy to have Rebuilding Together and Home Depot helping him with projects that have been waiting many many years.

"Antonio and his wife, have many visitors to their home, both children and grandchildren, so the repairs will allow their family to spend more time together in a warm and safe home." Margie told us.

Rebuilding Together, established in 1989, is part of a national organization, with over 200 affiliates in 50 states. The organization repairs homes and non-profit facilities at no cost and serves the elderly, disabled, families with children and veterans in need.
For more information go here, call 206-682-1231 or email
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Home Depot volunteers working in Antonio's yard
photo 4.JPG
 Home Depot volunteer rebuilding Antonio's deck
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Home Depot volunteers
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