Friday, June 14, 2013

Join Friends Of The Burke-Gilman Trail For Special Restoration Walk On Saturday

The community is invited to join Jim Corson of the Friends of the Burke-Gilman at Sand Point, a volunteer group  dedicated to restoring and preserving the trail, for a free Restoration walk on Saturday at 10am. 

Betsy, Board Member of the Northwest Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, told us that Jim will be showcasing the restoration work the Friends group has engaged in the past few years, along the Rails to Trail project, which was opened in 1977 as a multi-use pedestrian and bike trail.  
The one mile walk will cover portions of the trail that are in restoration, were recently restored, and areas that were restored 3 years ago, and Jim will also discuss restoration techniques and challenges.
Friends of tbe Burke-Gilman Trail at Sand Point, formed in 2007, is "dedicated to clearing 2500 acres of Seattle Parks of noxious and non-native invasive plants and replacing them with native trees and shrubs, replacing many of the  dying or diseased trees, and reforesting many areas that have already lost their tree cover."
Their website says:

The greening of the Burke Gilman Trail at Sandpoint will create a pleasanter forest walk, run or bicycle ride. Increasing the number of native trees and shrubs will attract more birds, bats, insects, and perhaps small mammals. Increasing the number of plants will help to slow down global warming by sequestering carbon. Renovation of the Sandpoint section of the trail will provide an example of what other groups could do for the rest of the trail.
Friends of Burke Gilman Trail at Sandpoint works under the auspices of the Green Seattle Partnership. Green Seattle Partnership is a partnership of the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and Cascade Land Conservancy.  Green Seattle Partnership works with Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment.

For more information go here.

(photo courtesy of Friends website)
Participants can register here and then meet at the corner of NE 65th St and 58th Avenue NE. 

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