Friday, May 3, 2013

Master Gardeners Sale Today And Tomorrow At Center For Urban Horticulture

2013 Master Gardener Plant Sale May 4 and 5
The Master Gardener Plant Sale is Saturday from 8-5pm and Sunday from 10-3pm at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture ((3501 NE 41st Street).
Here are some of the goings-on:
  • Tons of tomatoes, lots of pots of veggie starts, fragrant herbs, hardy natives, perennials and ornamentals.
  • Choose from thousands of amazing plants for your yards, gardens, and urban farms!
  • Edibles and Ornamentals marketplace includes thousands of tomato plants, veggie starts and herbs plus perennials, shrubs, trees and vines from Master Gardeners and local specialty growers.
  • Free parking. .
  • Get recipes from Veggistas and Herbistas to use when you select veggies and herbs.
  • At the Tomato Tentlearn how to build an easy cloche.
  • Tips and Tricks from Master Gardeners for selecting and growing your best garden yet
  • Bring-a-Plant-Problem for diagnosis to help discover what’s ailing your plants (Be sure to bring your sample in a plastic bag.)
  • Personal shoppers
  • Advice from 100 Master Gardeners
There will be a plant preview party tonight from 5:30-8pm for $35 a ticket.

"Shop ahead of the crowds while you taste fresh creations from local chefs. Cheer on Ciscoe Morris as he selects the winner of the prestigious Golden Brussels Sprouts Award," the invite says.

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