Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Over 900 People Attended Recent Spring Egg Hunt

Another Neighborhood Egg Hunt is over. And this year was the most well-attended, with kids dashing for candy and eggs and filling their baskets. Unfortunately it was reported some kids left empty handed, though they did get to meet the Easter Bunny.

Cara, Community Center Recreation Coordinator, wrote to us:
An estimated 350 kids were dashing for eggs this year, with an estimated 900 people in total attendance! 
Thank you to the 19 volunteers (11 of which were teens) who came day of to help set up, facilitate and clean up. Thank you to all our generous neighbors who donated bags of candy and eggs and thank you to the Specialized Programs Adult group who volunteered to stuff over 4,000 plastic eggs! Great teamwork resulted in a special day for the families in our community! 
This year, an effort was made to create aisles in between the age groups so that the kids could spread out a bit better in hopes that all kids had an equal chance at finding eggs and there was an additional 1,000 eggs scattered compared to last year’s count. 
Goodie bags and treat bags, donated by Jeannie Hale of the Laurelhurst Community Club, were provided upon request for those who did not manage to find many eggs.
Thank you to the many community members who came and supported this event. Any feedback and/or offers to volunteer for next year’s event are always welcome!



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