Monday, April 22, 2013

Community Meeting Tomorrow About Safety On NE 75th Street

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SDOT installing flasing school zone beacon on Friday
(photo courtesy of Wedgood Community Council)

The City is holding three community meetings regarding the "Road Safety Corridor Project for NE 75th Street" to give citizens the opportunity to share thoughts.

The project came out of a recent Ravenna-Bryant Community Association meeting, in which the City shared a list of actions to improve safety along NE 75th Street. One of the actions was to conduct a Road Safety Corridor Project for NE 75th Street.

SDOT will also be taking input on how to improve the neighborhood streets and arterials that connect and impact traffic on NE 75th Street, such as NE 65th Street, NE 15th Avenue, and Roosevelt Way.
The meetings will be held on:
Once SDOT has gathered ideas from the community, they will develop potential engineering solutions to present back to the community within a couple of months and begin implementing the improvements, according to the Wedgwood Community Council.
Here is the list SDOT published of Planned Improvements and Actions:
  • Flashing beacons for the school speed zone will be installed in 2013. One was already installed on April 18th.
  • SPD & SDOT will evaluate installing school zone speed enforcement cameras at this location.
  • Pedestrian countdown signal heads will be installed at the school crosswalk signal at 75th and 31st Avenue NE in 2013.
  • The intersection of Northeast 68th Street and 25th Ave Northeast will be evaluated for a traffic signal.
  • The crosswalk at Northeast 68th Street and 25th Avenue Northeast will be remarked with fresh and highly visible paint.
SPD Enforcement Efforts Include:
  • Temporary use of a speed reader board to alert drivers to their speed.
  • Assignment of traffic officers to monitor the corridor (already being done, since January 16th).
  • Evaluation of use of the mobile speed van to monitor and cite speeders (with a potential for permanent signage, depending on whether school zone speed camera is located there).
For more information about the Community Meetings, contact Per Johnson at or go here.

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