Thursday, April 25, 2013

Car Prowler Seen On NE Surber Drive

A reader sent us this email:

Thought neighbors should know - I saw a car prowler Wednesday night, April 17th,  around 1:15. He walked down my driveway, flashed a light into my car and then headed towards my neighbor's house when he saw my car was locked and alarmed. 
Across the street a parked car was unlocked so he opened the back door and looked around. The prowlers then got back into their car and headed south, stopping at all cars parked along the street.  
I called 911 and gave this description: Young male, white, black hair wearing black pants and black hoodie in dark beige newer 4 door hatchback. Had a companion in the car but I did not get a good look at him.  
The location was close to 42nd Ave NE and NE Surber Drive. A friendly reminder to keep car doors locked.

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