Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Listen To The Chorus Of Frogs At Magnuson Park

Magnuson Wetlands
Magnuson Wetlands

A Blog reader sent us this information and said:

I think neighbors would be very interested in this. Please post for everyone to enjoy!  
 Just enter Magnuson Park on 65th and drive to the end of the road. Open your windows and enjoy.

Here is the information from the Magnuson Environmental Stewardship Alliance:
Visit Magnuson Park in the Evening to Hear a Chorus of Ribbits
Magnuson Park's famous Pacific Chorus Frogs are in great voice when the evenings are warm. Listen for the sounds in the park after dark as the frog mating season continues. Magnuson has one of the city's largest populations of Pacific chorus frogs (Pseudacris regilla) or Pacific treefrogs (Hyla regilla). Scientists can't agree on the appropriate name for the species. Hollywood directors love their "ribbits" and have made them stars in films in such unlikely locations as the Amazon jungle and the woods of Maine.
This frog is tiny, green or brown has a black stripe running from its nose though its eye down its shoulder. It has suction pads on its toes for climbing. It rapid life cycle allows it to live in ephemeral ponds that dry up in late July, like the Frog Pond at Magnuson Park.

Frogs are disappearing worldwide. They are very sensitive to pollution; habitat destruction, of course, leaves them homeless. In the Northwest, the non-native and much bigger bullfrog is a predator. Please stay out of breeding ponds and keep your dogs on leash so our frogs can thrive. It would be a shame if the only place our children could hear these frogs' call is at the movies.

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