Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do You Want To See A Digital Billboard On Sand Point Way?

Digital billboard in Tukwila, Washington

The Laurelhurst Community Club sent us email about legislation in the works that would allow digital billboards on Sand Point Way as well as several Washington State Highways.

The email we received says:
About a decade ago, LCC opposed video billboards on a proposal before the city council and we were successful in getting many limitations.  LCC’s biggest concern was driver distraction and pollution of our urban environment. Now, there are proposals in the legislature that would authorize digital outdoor advertising billboards on state highways—including Sand Point Way.   
Please take a moment to email legislators. The message below provides a link to contact legislators and only takes a moment to do so.
And here is a message LCC forwarded to us from Keep Washington Beautiful, a non-profit group:

Right this minute, legislation is moving rapidly through the Washington State House and Senate to permit digital outdoor advertising signs along state highways (HB 1408 and SB 5304). 
If passed, we will see a statewide proliferation of digital outdoor advertising signs (like those on tribal lands at Fife facing I-5). This bill will increase driver distraction, light pollution, energy waste, and be detrimental to our $16 billion tourism business. For over 50 years cities all over Washington State have prohibited billboard growth and been subjected to continual litigation from the billboard industry.  
To attract votes the industry is offering free “emergency messaging.” The truth is it’s not free or necessary. In exchange for providing about 1% access for emergencies, they get to broadcast 99% advertising.  WSDOT already has a complete system in place. 
Once allowed there is no control over advertising content and when giant signs are installed they are unlikely to come down in our lifetime. 
Please, right now, tell the House Transportation Committee that you oppose this legislation by clicking this link: 
And for more information, studies and research about digital billboards go here. 
Thank you for caring about preserving the safety, unique natural beauty, tourism, and environmental leadership practices of Washington State.

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Here is a working link to tell the House Transportation Committee that you oppose this legislation: