Friday, February 8, 2013

Boy Scouts Doing Curbside Electronics Recycling Pick-Up Tomorrow

Local Boy Scout Troop 186, who have been meeting at the Laurelhurst elementary for decades,  is doing a unique fune fundraiser tomorrow from 10-2pm - collecting electronic trash at people’s homes and businesses and transporting it to 1Green Planet, a certified green recycling company.
The Troop Leader told us:
The fee is $25 for either a 2x2x2 box of virtually anything short of major appliances that once had electricity coursing through it or $25 for display screens up to 60’ or 150lbs.  
We did this fundraiser two years ago and recycled about three tons of material and raised thousands of dollars which helped buy supplies, provided scholarships for kids who couldn’t afford some activities.  
It’s better than a curb-side car wash or selling BSA sponsored popcorn, teaches the kids business skills (it’s almost entirely scout run) and helps Northeast Seattleites clear out their basements responsibly. 
Regarding the inevitable question about the recent controversy regarding scouts, suffice to say that the vast majority of adults in this parent, not church, chartered troop signed the petition advocating change

For more information, email or or call Christoher 206-679-8143.

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