Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update On Sand Point Way And 40th Avenue NE Street Work

A Laurelhurst Community Club Board member recently emailed Todd Johnson, Vice President of Facilities at Children's Hospital, after hearing from concerned neighbors about the construction around Sandpoint Way NE at 40th Avenue NE. 

Here is Todd's response to the issue:
A great deal of attention is being paid to the intersection of 40th/Sand Point Way right now.  
We’ve finished the sidewalk and concrete work on two corners and are soon to complete the most complicated work at the Wells Fargo corner.  
Then we’ll move over and take care of the Laurel Crest (NW) corner of the intersection.  
There’s also work to be done at the median and with the signal arms and standards.  
All of this will go on until mid- to late January, including the activation of the signals by the Seattle Department of Transportation.  
 At that time it will be safe for pedestrians and vehicles to fully use the new intersection and signals as they were designed.  
Until then, it’s my opinion that it is unsafe for pedestrians to attempt crossing Sand Point Way at that location. Similarly, drivers will be challenged to cross the busy arterial until the signals are operational.  
Although inconvenient, it is far safer for walkers and drivers to use the signalized intersection at NE 45th Street and Sand Point Way.  
I know this is not a popular response, but really is the only safe alternative.
(photo courtesy of Hospital Construction Blog)

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