Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sign Up for the Master Pruning Series At Center For Urban Horticulture

Pro-Hort (UW Botanic Gardens Professional Continuing Education) is offering a 12-lecture Master Pruning Series co-sponsored with PlantAmnesty at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

The first two lectures, How To Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Landscape and Five Easy Plants to Prune will be on December 13th.

Early registration ends on Friday and you can register online. The cost is $30 per lecture or  $300 for 12 lectures between December 2012 and March 2013.

Here is description on the lectures happening on December 12th:

How To Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Landscape
An introduction to basic pruning and creative solutions for the overgrown or over-planted landscape. Pruning techniques according to the natural habits of trees and shrubs will be explained. Participants will gain insight into the process of landscape renovation, with pruning as a component of garden restoration.

Five Easy Plants to Prune
Introduction to shrub pruning, with a review of the basic growth habits, the basic cuts used, and the “pruning budget”. This talk will focus on five plants which are relatively easy to prune: nandina, evergreen azalea, lilac, camellia, and yew.
Pro-Hort provides classes geared to professionals seeking credits for recertification (for example, International Society of Arboriculture or WSDA pesticide recertification credits). However, everyone is welcome to register for these classes

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