Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seattle Caviar, Owned By Laurelhurst Residents, Offers Variety Of Unique Products As Well As Weekly Evening Tastings

Long-time Laurelhurst residents, Dale and Betsy Sherrow, are excited to let the neighborhood know that they have recently updated their website of their long running business, Seattle Caviar, showcasing their unique products featuring  a variety of caviar, foie gras, oils, vinegars, truffles, condiments, salts and interesting accessories.
Dale and Betsy Sherrow moved to Laurelhurst in 1983, and Betsy was born and raised in the neighborhood.
And their business, Seattle Caviar started in 1989 when the retail shop opened and the website launched a few years later in 1993.
Betsy told us:
We came to be in the caviar business because Dale has always been an active and well respected member of the seafood industry. When Dale started exporting tons of salmon caviar to the European market, it occurred to us that fresh caviar was not available for sale to in the Pacific Northwest.  
After exploring the idea with area chefs to see if there was an interest, Seattle Caviar Company was born. When the business began, we were importing the Caspian Sea species of Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga, along with domestic White Sturgeon Caviar, Paddlefish Caviar and Chum Salmon Ikura.  
Presently the Caspian Sea species are not available in the U.S. because of an embargo against Iranian products, Iran being the only legal country of export. Aquaculture of sturgeon, all over the world, is the wave of the future for caviar in the U.S.
Their website says:
Our first wholesale customers were the Four Seasons Hotel and Chef Kerry Sear and Rover’s Restaurant and Chef Thierry Rautureau. Through their continued support the company’s wholesale business has grown, the online presence with has flourished and a continued appreciation for caviar in Seattle has thrived. 
The Seattle Caviar Company carries a full compliment of the best caviar the world has to offer and supplies the finest restaurants, catering companies and retailers as well as our loyal customers online and those that walk through the doors.  
Seattle Caviar is a local company that was built on a corporate culture of customer service and excellent products. We are continuing our growth by incorporating and expanding our business with sustainable practices and policies that enhance our products, our business and our community.

Thursday evenings from 5-7pm special tastings are offered which include a glass of champagne, a taste of each caviar available and an Amuse-bouche, featuring their caviar or another specialy product all for $25.
Betsy told us "is a wonderful way to discern the differences among the varieties of caviar we offer. The most important thing to learn about caviar, is it is entirely dependent of the individual palate as to which is the best," Betsy told us. 
Seattle Caviar has a new product, Danish liquorice candy called Lakrids, that recently arrived. They carry plain black liquorice, liquorice coated with milk chocalate, liquorice coated with dark chocolate and coffee and their Holiday edition – white chocolate and raspberry covered liqorice.
Seattle Caviar is located at 2922 Eastlake Avenue and is open six days a week (M-F 10-5:30, S 11-5) and is "always ready to answer your questions about caviar.  The website says that the unique store has "seductive red walls, black trim and accents of gold. The music is soft and sweet and the fireplace warms the room. Mysterious blue tins and bottles of champagne line the walls".

Betsy told us that they do have some regular Laurelhurst neighbors that shop at Seattle Caviar, and would love to meet more neighbors at their store.
Seattle Caviar offerers tastings tastings of caviar along with premium champagne for a nominal fee on any day.  Check out their Facebook page for information on latest products and events.
"Come in for an amuse-bouche and some champagne!" Betsy told us.
Inside of store during the holidays

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