Monday, December 3, 2012

Reader Frustrated Over Neighbor's Gardener Blowing Leaves Into His Yard

After our post last week about keeping sidewalks clear of wet leaves, we received this email from a reader:

On the topic of leaves, I also wanted to mention my "annual pet peeve". 
Just Thursday, I racked and swept all the leaves from our front and rear yard. Today one of our neighbor's had their lawn service attend to their yard.  
You can probably see this coming, but the yard service pulled out their blowers, and blew all their client's leaves into our front and back yard. 
Of course, I would be the bad guy if I returned the favor and blew the leaves back, so I will again be picking up all the leaves in my yard this weekend. 
So I would request that you do an article about picking up your leaves, and not just blowing them into your neighbors yard. 

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