Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Hospital Building Exterior Lighting, Sand Point Street Lighting And Parking Lot Lighting To Turn On Soon

The Hospital Construction Blog posted recently that exterior lighting on the new building is being tested, adjusted and turned on.

New street lights along Sand Point Way NE will also be turned on very soon in the landscaped buffer along NE 45th Street. And parking lot lights will follow over the next several weeks.

And here are the construction related activities taking place this week:

Pedestrian and Traffic Disruptions - due to high volume of construction activities along Sand Point way, 40th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street

Street Improvement Work - along Sand Point Way between 40th Avenue NE and Penny Drive. There will be a new sidewalk, cycle path, and Metro stop with shelter.

40th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way Signal Project - intersection improvements include signalization in all four directions and crosswalks. 

Building Exterior Cladding - at the new site elevator, near the Giraffe entrance (future River zone), crews are now installing the lobby finishes.

Building Interior Work - crews are completing the interior construction. They are also completing electrical, air handling, and all ancillary systems for the hospital.

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