Monday, December 17, 2012

Neighbor Warning Community Of Red-Bearded Man Posing As Apex Security Installer

We received this email from a resident that lives inthe 4700 block of Sand Point Way NE just opposite Childrens.
Thursday around 1pm I got a knock on my apartment door. A gentleman was there.  
He lied to me saying, "I'm with the APEX Home Services, the property management company has asked us to update the CO2 detectors in this unit. May I come in to install yours. I have it here." He had a box of CO2 detectors in his arm and showed me one.  
My apartment does not have a property management company. I asked him, "OK, why don't you hand it to me and I'll install it." I'm in real estate. I know these things simply plug into an outlet. "No", he says, "they require us to install them. May I install yours." 
I know my landlord well and that he would not initiate any services without tenant permission and forewarning. So, it was clear to me this person was lying, wanted access to my home on false pretense. Why I don't know.  
It was clear to him, I had un raveled his ruse. He became quite nervous. And almost fell over leaving he was in such a hurry.   
Description of the man is: 26-35, red hair and red beard, very well groomed, dressed casually in jeans with a clean white t-shirt and zip up hoodie sweatshirt.


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