Monday, December 10, 2012

Blocking Sidewalks With Car/Truck Can Result In A Fine

We've heard from several readers frustrated over neighbors blocking sidewalks with cars, construction vehicles, etc.

One resident near the Laurelhurst Elementary School wrote:
It would be great if neighbors who have work being done on their property have their workers pull their trucks all the way into their driveway, rather than partially or completing blocking passage on a sidewalk.
There are many children, and others who use the sidewalk to take walks or commute and it presents a hazard to those on foot as they have to step out into the street. I believe one needs a permit from the City to block a sidewalk. Thanks.
The Seattle Police Department and the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees have received numerous complaints that our vehicles are partially blocking the sidewalk
The Laurelhurst Community Club wrote in one of their recent newsletters:
It is against the law to block the sidewalk and the Police will and do ticket vehicles.  The fine is
$ 47.


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