Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have You Seen Two Red Mountain Bikes?

We received this email from a reader:
Two unlocked red mountain bikes were taken from our front porch between 10am and 3pm yestserday. One was a young mens "iron horse" and the other was a women's "Trek." 
The bikes were not visible from the street and required the thief to come through our front gate and walk up to the front door in order to visualize and take them.  
We want neighbors to be alert to prowlers even in the daylight hours. It is unsettling to think someone is coming into gated yards and sneaking around with criminal intentions.  
We live in the 4600 block of NE 54th Street, bordering Sand Point Way on the back, a fairly high traffic area very close to Katterman's pharmacy. 
If anyone has information or the bikes were dumped somewhere in the neighborhood we would appreciate any leads.  
Many thanks to the blog and our neighbors for having a place to communicate and look out for one another and care for our community.
Please email if you have any information.

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