Friday, October 26, 2012

Reader Reminds Early Morning Drivers To Be Cautious

We received this email from a reader:
I am a Laurelhurst resident, and parent, and was hoping you might consider posting a reminder to the early morning drivers in our neighborhood to be mindful of the children waiting at various bus stops, in the dark. 
Yesterday morning at 7:15am I witnessed very poor decision making on the part of a driver of a mini suv, (newer model/dark color possibly brown or rust) swerve around another car that had just approached the intersection of 48th Avenue NE and NE 41st Street.  
This driver tried to pass the car in front of him/her by going in the opposing lane AND running the stop sign almost hitting a student crossing the street there to get on her school bus.  
 It is very dark still at this time of day and we have several middle school bus stops throughout our neighborhood with young people crossing at the corners.  
Please slow down and be mindful of limited visibility during this hour of the morning and do not pass other cars in a hurry to get by. This could have been a very serious accident.

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