Friday, October 26, 2012

Hospital Celebrating New Neighborhood Greenway This Morning

Children's Hospital is celebrating the completion of a new neighborhood greenway at 8:15am this morning on 39th Avenue NE, where NE 52nd Street and the Burke Gilman Trail come together

The hospital funded the greenway, which are residential streets where traffic moves at slower speeds and people feel safer walking and biking, through their  Livable Streets Initiative.

39th Avenue NE was transformed into a 1.4 mile greenway between NE 52nd Street and NE 80th Street by:
• Adding a curb bulb and creating a new connection to the Burke Gilman Trail at NE 52nd Street.
• Adding curb bulbs and/or median islands at four other arterial intersections.
• Adding stop signs for east/west traffic at five non-arterial intersections.

After the ceremony, neighbors, parents and students will ride their bikes up the greenway to Thornton Creek Elementary School.

(photo courtesy of Hospital website)

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