Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reminder About Neighborhood Parking And Oversized Vehicles

A Blog reader sent us this email complaining about inconsiderate neighbors not following City parking rules:
Many neighbors are noticing......What's happened to rules and just plain old neighborly consideration? The boat trailer (pictured above) has been parked without a vehicle for nearly a week, on East Laurelhurst Drive, making it difficult for neighbors to park.  
Others are parking where it is posted "NO PARKING ANYTIME. What part of that don't they understand?!  More neighbors need to park on the streets, especially now, because of Seattle's Utilities improvement project.

 Here are the corresponding City of Seattle Parking regulations:
No person shall park  a vehicle on any street or alley, except in a Manufacturing or Industrial Zone as defined in the Zoning Code of Seattle (Ordinance 86300 as amended) between the hours of midnight and six (6) a.m. if the vehicle is a truck and/or trailer or other conveyance which is over eighty (80) inches wide. (Ord. 108200 Section 2( 11.72.070), 1979.) 
If the boat/trailer is smaller than 80” wide, it can be parked on the street providing the trailer is hitched to a vehicle.   
The 72-hour rule applies – meaning that the boat and vehicle must be moved every 72-hours

To report abandoned vehicles, or a car that has been parked for more than 72 hours, go here.

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