Friday, July 6, 2012

How To Prevent Car Prowls - Tips From Seattle Police

Terri Johnson, Seattle Police North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, sent some helpful information on recent car prowls and how to protect yourself:
Our car prowl reports continue, and may even increase in numbers during the summer.  I’ve seen reports of car prowls pretty much throughout the North Precinct neighborhoods.   
Here are some of the items reported stolen in a car prowl this month:  Cameras; clothing; wallets; ID; social security cards; cash; car keys; cell. phones; MP3 player, coins, laptops, suitcases, gym bags, power tools, loaded guns, GPS, catalytic converter, golf clubs  and a  passport.   
Thieves are targeting vehicles of all makes and models for valuables including cell. phones, cash, cameras, garage remotes, GPS devices, purses, laptops and luggage.  
Most stolen property is traded or sold on the street within minutes of the crime, lowering the chance of recovery. Thieves commonly break windows for entry, but many are also successful at defeating door and trunk locks.  

Here are some tips to prevent a car prowl:
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle every time you park
  • Try to leave your car empty if possible
  • Park it in a garage or up in your driveway if you can
  • If valuables must be left behind, hide them out of sight several blocks before parking
  • Disable internal trunk releases per your owner’s manual instructions
  • Audible alarms or other theft-deterrent devices can be effective
  • Security garages are only secure if entering and exiting drivers watch the door fully close behind them every time
  • Remote controls for security garages should never be left inside parked vehicles. They provide future access to returning thieves

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