Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burglary Early Saturday Morning On The Boulevard

An unforced burglary happened last Saturday morning, the 14th,  between 6:30am and 7:30am on the 4100 block of 43rd Avenue NE. 

The homeowner returned home and saw through her window that an intruder was inside taking her things. She screamed and the intruder exited through her deck door. The homeowner did not enter her home but called 9-1-1 and 4 police cars arrived within 5 minutes

The owner told us that it happened while she was taking friends to the airport, and when she got back , she "caught the guy in the act."

She says:
The guy ran out the door and I could only see his back.  I must have left the back deck door open as everything else was locked.  He was only in my house for an hour or less but took all my sterling silver ware and pieces, my lap top and a few jewelry pieces. I interrupted him so he did not get everything.  
He also took my extra set of car keys which had an extra set of keys to my house.  I have had to get all my locks replaced.  This is expensive especially on a Sunday.   
 I called 911 and the police came immediately and fingerprinted everything.  Just so you know.  that fingerprinting ink is hard to get rid of.  I'm now having my carpets cleaned as the dust went all over.  This is the worst nightmare and now I have to deal with the aftermath of it.  I hope you never have to go through this.  I had to change my bank accounts and passwords on everything.  It just goes on and on
There have also been ongoing reports of car prowls in that same area.  Garage door openers, phones, electronic items and other items have been reported stolen from houses

And according to the Seattle Police blotter, there was a forced home burglary on the 3800 block of N.E. 45th Street that happened last Friday, the 13th in the early evening. .

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