Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mayor's Tour Of Laurelhurst And Town Hall Last Saturday A Success

Mayor at Laurelhurst business, Flooring America

Below is a letter the Laurelhurst Community Club wrote to Mayor Mc Ginn that detailings his neighborhood tour and thanks him for his visit.

Also you can watch the video of the entire event here.

Dear Mayor McGinn, 
 Thank you for visiting Laurelhurst yesterday at your Town Hall and van tour of the neighborhood.  We appreciatedthe opportunity to brief you personally on some of the many accomplishments and challenges ahead on the van tour.  The Town Hall was a big success and our neighbors appreciated your remarks and responses to the many questions.   
We appreciate your interest in our thriving and diverse business community.  Jim and Illaria Heiderich, owners of our newest business, Flooring America, were thrilled that you took the time to stop for a visit on the van tour.  LCC does its best to support the Laurelhurst business community and we are glad to have your commitment to promoting small businesses.
 SUN (Saving Urban Nature) Park, our second stop on the van tour, is an excellent example of neighbors working together to create a much needed pocket park on a parcel slated for development.  This well-used garden showcases a diverse collection of trees, shrubs, ferns, perennials and groundcovers native to Western Washington complete with plant identification markers.  SUN Park contributes in a major way to maintaining the livability of our neighborhood and the quality of life we all cherish.  The regularly scheduled work parties are wonderful community-building activities. 
Our third stop on the van tour was a perfect location for you to see firsthand the SR 520 bridge and its proximity to Laurelhurst and to discuss issues associated with the SR 520 Replacement Project.  We share your concern that the State has only partial funding for this $4.65 billion project and that there is no funding for the west side past the high-rise bridge.  The segmented design approach will result in a disjointed bridge that does not adhere to the spirit of the Olmsted’s historic architectural details as promised by WSDOT.  As we mentioned, the massive art deco, lighted sentinels planned for the bridge replacement should be eliminated.  We hope to work with you further to resolve these issues. 
At our final stop at Waterway No. 1, we were glad to show you the progress that LCC has made in creating a wonderful space for all to enjoy.  Well over a decade ago, at the request of many neighbors, the Laurelhurst Community Club took up the quest to restore and enhance the property and began working with DNR and SDOT to plan for the landscape restoration of the site.   
In June 2008, after extensive negotiations with DNR, the LCC entered into a Right of Entry Agreement for the area of Waterway No. 1 not under permit by the adjacent neighbors.  The Agreement gives the LCC sole responsibility for management of activities on the site including the restoration and enhancement of the landscape.  This Agreement has recently been amended to include several thousand square feet along the site's northern boundary where a large laurel hedge was recently removed by the adjacent neighbors in order to close their permits.  The LCC subsequently developed an additional landscape plan for that area with the help of northwest horticultural expert Arthur Lee Jacobsen, and distributed wood chip mulch donated by Seattle Children's over the disturbed soil to protect it from erosion and weeds until it can be planted in the fall.          
We were glad that you had the opportunity to meet representatives from Save Union Bay Association (SUBA).  LCC supports and participates in that group’s efforts to manage milfoil and other invasive aquatic weeds and rodents.  SUBA has received substantial funding from DOE and continues to work to improve the lake environment. 
Finally, the Town Hall was a big success.  You not only did a great job in outlining many issues, but in responding to the questions on diverse issues from our neighbors.  Your excellent staff and representatives from the Department of Neighborhoods, in particular Karen Ko and Jenny Frankl, did a wonderful job in helping with the logistics.  We also appreciated having representatives from DPD, SDOT, Parks, the Fire Department and our own Sergeant Dianne Newsom from the North Precinct.  We are glad that you recognize the importance of providing an opportunity for neighbors to interact with those from our city departments.      
Thank you again for visiting Laurelhurst and for your commitment to Seattle’s neighborhoods.

Laurelhurst Town Hall Meeting with Mayor

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