Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laurelon Condo Trees Removed A Year Ago Now Re-Planted Near New Hospital Building

Scarlet Oak Loaded and ready to move

Seven trees removed from the former Laurelon Terrace Condominium site before it was demolished over a year ago, are now planted back again on the construction site where they once stood for many years.

Jeff  Hughes, Grounds Manager at Children's Hospital, told us that the trees moved were Scarlet Oaks (Quercus rubra),  Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) and Japanese maples.  The Oaks and Sweet gum were placed adjacent to what is the main entry of the new building.

As shown in the pictures, the trees, three of which were quite large and weighing about 130,000 pounds each, were moved onto a trailer by a crane from their storage site while waiting for exterior work to be done, that then took them to their new permanent location for re-planting.

Two hundred and sixty four trees (evergreen and deciduous) were salvaged from the previous Laurelon site during demolition to be replanted again in the future. Also salvaged were 190 roses, 210 ferns, 150 perennials and a variety of ground covers.

Scarlet Oak in place 

Another Scarlet Tree in transport

 Two more trees ready to move two new homes

"Tree #153" waiting for rigging

Tree "#153" being lowered into the ground

Construction crew lowering tree into place

"Tree #165" from the 6th floor 

Newly planted trees in front of the new wing of hospital

"Tree # 219", Liquidambar / Sweetgum" ready to be moved this week

(photos courtesy of Hospital)

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