Monday, June 11, 2012

Have You Seen Otis, A Black Short Haired Cat?

Kathleen, a reader, sent us email over the week-end that a cat, Otis, escaped from his carrier on the way to the Seattle Animal Shelter adoption event at the Laurelhurst Community Center on Saturday around noon at the corner of 48th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street.

Otis is a shorthaired, neutered male, black cat, with rust colored leather collar and tag and is microchipped.  Kathleen's phone number is on the tag's front label and the tag also says that if Otis is outdoors, he is lost.

Here is Kathleen's email:
One of my foster cats that I was transporting to the Adoption Event at the Laurelhurst Community Center on Saturday escaped from his cage and is lost in the neighborhood close to the Community Center. 
The animal shelter is placing a humane trap out to capture the Otis. He is shy---especially near aggressive crows. I'm hoping that in case someone sees Otis, they'll know where to return him. 
I'd be very thankful if he can be found so he can be adopted soon (once he recovers from his fright).

If seen or if anyone has information, please call Kathleen at 206-850-5058.

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K McMahon said...

Otis has been found! Thanks for keeping a lookout for him, Laurelhurst.