Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Children's Hospital Construction Activities This Week

Here are the construction related activities happening this week on the hospital construction site:

Building Exterior Cladding
Crews are onsite completing installation of the major components of the exterior of the building. This includes metal window frames and glass, ribbed metal panels, stone shingles, colored glass fins and frosted glass awnings. The mock-up located on the construction site is being removed and will soon disappear from the northwest side of the construction site.

Building Interior Work
Crews are onsite installing the metal stud-framed walls and gypsum wallboard that make up most of the interior partitions. They are also running duct work for the air handling units which have been installed, and running conduit for all the power and lighting systems. Crews are also installing the fire sprinklers on all the floors. Besides these basic systems, we have a pneumatic tube system, medical gas systems, and many low voltage wiring systems for all the specialty equipment.

Roofing Activities
Crews are onsite completing installation of the roofing. This includes two “green” roofs which have helped us earn credits towards our LEED goal of Gold. (A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially, or completely, covered with vegetation.) Roofing activities will continue into June.

Vibratory Rolling
There will be some necessary compacting activities for site work that involves regrading and adding a retaining wall running north/south on the site, as well as a new elevator between the parking lot and the Sinegal entrance. This compacting will cause vibrations in the surrounding area. The work will be ongoing with the greatest impact occurring in the next two to three weeks. The site preparation will make way for the landscaping, parking lot, and circulation that will be installed on site over the coming months.

Seattle Public Utilities Work
SPU will complete on 40th Avenue NE this week. Site construction fencing along 40th will be removed to accommodate this work. Temporary fencing will be installed at this location during off work hours. In the coming months, we will replace the eastern sidewalk damaged sections of the street.

Installation of New Gas Line
PSE has completed the new gas line installation along 40th Avenue NE. Crews have temporarily patched the removedconcrete paving panels with asphalt and will return on June 25th to re-install the concrete panels. This concrete paving activity will impact parking and traffic.

For more information check out the Construction Blog. For questions call 206-987-6197.

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