Friday, May 25, 2012

Variety Of Summer Camps Offered At Laurelhurst Community Center

Laurelhurst Community Center is offering half day specialty camps for kids ages 3 to 13. The full list and how to register can be found here.

Here are some of the camps offered:
Youth Ballet Classes
This class will focus on basic classical ballet technique and form.  The class is perfect for dancers to try out ballet and learn about creative movement. A showcase will be held for family and friends on the final day of class. Instructor: Kallene Cutler
Age 3     6/9-8/13 Tue 2:15-3pm $65
Age 4-5  6/9-8/13 Tue 12:45-1:30pm $65
Age 5-6  6/9-8/13 Tue 1:30-2:15pm $65                                    

Art with Kids Camp
Ages: 3-6
A fun-filled morning as children explore the many different formats of art, including watercolor, print making and much
more. This class will be four consecutive days, the class is dropoff, but parents or caregivers are welcome to stay.
Instructor: Katrina Strand
7/16-19  9 am-Noon $150  

Hip Hop Dance Classes       
If you enjoy a good beat, grooving to fun music, and learning moves to match, this hip-hop class is the right one for you. The class will focus on hip-hop moves and jazz funk. Dancers will learn rhythm and music coordination. A performance will be given on the final day of class for families and friends. Instructor: Kallene Cutler
Ages 6-10
6/9-8/13 Tue 11:30 am-12:30 pm $75   

Try It All Dance
Participants will enjoy the variety and change of dance styles each day. We will start with classical ballet, then jazz, baton
twirling, tumbling, and end with creative dance. Batons will be provided for use.
Ages 3-4
7/16-7/20 M-F    11-11:45 am $49
7/30-8/3 M-F      11-11:45 am $49
Ages 5-6
7/16-7/20 M-F    1-1:45 pm $59
7/30-8/3 M-F      1-1:45 pm $59
Ages 7-8
7/16-7/20 M-F    2-2:45 pm $69
7/30-8/3 M-F      2-2:45 pm $69

Pottery Camp            
Ages 7-12 Have fun in this clay centered specialty camp. Learn hand building skills, spend time on the wheel and create three major projects over the week. Bring lunch and snack and prepare to get dirty. No program 7/4.
6/25-6/29 M-F       9 am-12:30 pm $265
7/2-7/6 M/T/Th/F  9 am-12:30 pm $212
7/9-7/13 M-F         9 am-12:30 pm $265
7/16-7/20 M-F       9 am-12:30 pm $265
7/23-7/27 M-F      9 am-12:30 pm $265

Unicycle Camp  
Ages 7-13  Build skills, confidence while having fun with other unicycle riders. The camp will consist of riding time, skill building/sharing sessions, learning new skills from peers and videos. Some riders  will even get opportunities to ride the 5-foot tall unicycles (depending on skills and height). No unicycle, no problem. I can provide 16” and 20” unicycles. Riders need to provide the helmet. No helmet, no riding. You are welcome to bring your unicycle if you have one. All registered participants must need to know how to ride a unicycle under control.
7/9-7/12 M-F      12:45-2 pm $45
7/16-7/19 M-F    12:45-2 pm $45

Baking Camp 
Ages 7-12 Learn how to make fantastic desserts with the owner of Silvana Specialty Desserts. The baking classes are seasonal, utilizing fresh fruits and locally-grown, organic ingredients. Students are encouraged to be creative, have fun, and create original desserts that both the child and their parents will enjoy.
6/25-6/29 M-F    9 am-12:30 pm $125
7/23-7/27 M-F    9 am-12:30 pm $125
8/27-8/31 M-F    9 am-12:30 pm $125 

Tennis Camp  
Ages 6-7, 8-9 Serving the basic ace and hitting a forehand, backhand short and cross court, volleying and net action is our traditional camps to provide campers with a fun filled week in which they are exposed to the latest cutting edge tennis training methods.  Our special mix of instruction, team competition, and off-court activities make these sessions ones campers will remember for the rest of their lives. No program 7/4.
6/25-6/29 M-F    9 am-12:30 pm $125
7/2-7/6 M/T/Th/F            9 am-12:30 pm $100
7/9-7/13 M-F      9 am-12:30 pm $125
7/16-7/20 M-F    9 am-12:30 pm $125      

Sports Camps    
Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Lacrosse, All Sports, Cheerleading.  Please contact the community center for details.

Sewing Camp
Knitting Camp
Singing Camp


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