Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reader Reports Suspicious People Possibly Checking For Unlocked or Unoccupied Houses Near Talaris

A reader sent us this email:
I would like to share with you some some suspicious behavior I witnessed Sunday afternoon (April 15th) in the alley behind my house. 
About 3pm today (Sunday), I was leaving the house, driving down the alley. Three houses down, I saw a young white man with a backpack, maybe college age, looking up at that house from the alley.  These neighbors sometimes have a car parked in the back off the alley, but today that car was not there. 
As I passed him, the young man saw me and kind of raised his hand to acknowledge me. I got a weird feeling, so I turned right off the alley and parked to watch him. I saw him walk up the alley and up our driveway! So I turned around and went back to the house, and he was standing right by our side door to the garage. The light from the motion sensor above the door had turned on. I'm positive he was checking to see if it was unlocked. As I drove up, he just walked away, didn't say a word. 
I went inside and up to our deck to see where he was going. That's when I noticed a young woman, again about college-age, in the Talaris parking lot yelling into her cell phone. I'm sure I saw her back there on the grass when I left the house but I didn't think anything of it.  She left for a while, and then a car drove up and stopped in the Talaris drive. It wasn't parked, it was just sitting in the drive. 
Then the young woman showed up again and talked to the driver, but didn't get in. The car eventually left. Then a short while later, I saw that same young woman walking up the alley with the man I saw earlier. This is an alley that dead-ends, not a place you would walk unless you had a specific destination along the alley. 
Anyways, it appears to me that these young people are working in groups to see which houses are unoccupied, and they have a driver that comes to pick them up. They are clean cut (the woman even had a skirt on), white, about college age. They were working in broad day light. They may think alot of families may be out of town for spring break. 
I did report this information to the police. 
Please feel free to include this information in your blog so that other neighbors can be on the lookout. Unfortunately, these people could easily be overlooked because they do look like young, clean cut college age kids that could live in the neighborhood.

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