Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Earthcorps Looking For Host Families For International Students

Josue, who works for Earthcorps,  a non-profit organization founded in 1993 and located in Magnuson Park, sent us email that host families are needed for twelve young people from around the world who will be trained in Seattle for 6 months for the Homestay program.

Josue is an intern from Honduras, living with a family in Mathews Beach.  He said there are three other interens, from Portugal, Kazakhstan and Uganda also living in nearby neighborhoods.  Josue told us that the organization looks for places close to their office.

Earthcorp's mission is to build global community through local environmental service. The orgnaization works in public parks areas on habitat restoration in public parks of Seattle. In parallel with this mission,  Earthcorps brings recruits young people from around the world to be trained in Seattle to support the habitat restoration and build the global community,

Here is more information Josuse sent to us:
Make an environmental impact from home by hosting an emerging environmental leader. EarthCorps international participants come from Bhutan, Bolivia and beyond to learn skills in environmental service. “We thought we would be giving so much of ourselves. We never could have predicted how much we have received in return, how much richer our lives feel through knowing these young people” - Steve Randels, EarthCorps Homestay. 
EarthCorps international trainees come to Seattle all year round. It is possible to join the homestay program at any time. A typical homestay commitment is 6 months, however overnight and multi-week options are also available. Match Your Interests! EarthCorps is committed to finding the right match for our homestay families and international participants.
For more information contact Su Thieda, Programs Director, Phone: 206-322-9296 X 224, e-mail:

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