Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Children's Hospital Construction Activities This Week

Building interior work

The following construction activites are taking place this week at the Children's Hospital Construction site:

Building Exterior Cladding
Crews are onsite installing the major components of the exterior of the building. These include metal window frames and glass, ribbed metal panels and stone shingles. The frosted glass awnings and the colored glass fins will follow. A mock-up showing potential colors is located on the construction site and is visible from Sand Point Way.

You can see the ‘Fraco’ lifts (replacing scaffolding that used to be used) on the exterior of the building. These help workers safely move across and up and down the building face to install the exterior materials. These activities will continue into summer when the building should be well enclosed.

Building Interior Work
Crews are onsite installing the metal stud-framed walls that make up most of the interior partitions. They are also running duct work for the air handling units which have been installed, and running conduit for all the power and lighting systems.

Crews are also installing the fire sprinklers on all the floors. Besides these basic systems, we have a pneumatic tube system, medical gas systems, and many low voltage wiring systems for all the specialty equipment.

Roofing Activities
Crews are onsite installing the roofing. This includes two “green” roofs which have helped us earn credits towards our LEED goal of Gold. (A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially, or completely, covered with vegetation.) Roofing activities will continue into June.

For questions contact 206-987-6197 or Tim McKey, with Sellen Construction at 206-730-2677.

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