Friday, April 27, 2012

Car Prowl On Surber Drive This Week

Another car prowl in the neighborhood this week. Remember to keep cars locked and valuables inside the house.

Here is what the reader sent us:
About 2:30 am on April 26th, I was up because I couldn't sleep and looked outside our front window at my husband's car and saw movement inside the car.  I wasn't positive so I moved to a different window to make sure it wasn't my reflection (it's early) and still saw movement and light in the car. 
I ran back to get my husband and by the time he threw on a coat and we looked back out the front windows I didn't see the movement anymore.  He hit the unlock button on the keys from inside our house and then hit lock and it wouldn't sound the horn which means all doors are not secured and locked.  He inspected the car and realized the front passenger door was not completely closed.  He didn't notice anything missing and came back in. 
He then remembered he had an i pod in the center console and went out to check and it was gone along with a cd case.  It seems like my husband might have left the car unlocked since there was no sign of break in and there is a stock alarm that should sound if a door is opened without a key. 
We live on NE Surber near  41st/42nd Avenue NE.  Our car was also broken into in August 2011 at Prorobics/Seattle Gym.

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