Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get Prepared For Possible Emergencies At Special Event Tomorrow Night

Sustainable NE Seattle and Wedgwood Community Council are hosting a special emergency preparedness event for NE Seattle tomorrow from 6:30-9pm at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church (8008 35th Ave NE) to kick off the "Map Your Neighborhood" (MYN) emergency preparedness program.

The event will feature information and activities funded by a recent grant from the Department of Neighborhoods, a branch of the City of Seattle.

The invitation says:

Get Prepared for Possible Emergencies.  You can learn how to "Map Your Neighborhood" at the block level and return to your own blocks and organize your neighbors by helping our neighbors in getting ready for emergencies. Come learn the steps to bring your neighborhood together. We’ll demonstrate an action plan that works and provide the tools for those who are ready to begin. Incentives will be offered for blocks willing to make the important steps to get themselves ready.  If your neighborhood is organized through the Block Watch program, this is an excellent extension of that community awareness program.

Sara, with NE told us that the emergency preparedness program was developed by Washington State and that the program idea is that a group of about 20 households (one block) get together for a 90-minute meeting to watch a DVD explaining the program, and then work through the provided materials to develop their inventories and plans.

"It's an easy-to-follow system that's been well tested throughout the country. It will help your block learn the steps to take immediately after a disaster, develop a skills and equipment inventory, identify areas of concern such as gas meters, and determine who may need extra help," Sara said.

For more information go here.

To attend the event, contact  The free event is open to all residents in NE Seattle.

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